Aventura’s Under Vehicle Inspection System “UVIS” (also referred to as an Under Vehicle Surveillance System “UVSS”) allows for fully automated threat assessment by checking for the modifications of a vehicle’s undercarriage. Vehicles drive over the bidirectional scanners while the system compiles multiple high-resolution images of a vehicle’s undercarriage. Making it easier to see any threatening objects that may be hidden on top of an axle or within a wheel well. An overview/driver camera captures the face of the driver as well as the license plate of the vehicle. These can be easily integrated with Aventura’s License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition and Intelligent Video Analytics.


Motion-sensitive high-definition color CCD progressive-scan intelligent cameras begin the inspection process automatically, providing a comprehensive multi-view of all undercarriage components using state-of-the-art imaging technology.

Various technologies may be deployed concurrently and comparatively providing real-time situational awareness utilizing face recognition, automated number plate recognition, intelligent video analytics and more…

The low-profile Mil-spec Heavy-Duty IP67 design requires minimum excavation and installs flush and permanently to the road surface for unimpeded traffic and street maintenance. Machina™ is tested to the most severe physical, logical and environmental standards. While Machina™ has vast capabilities, it is easy to install and operate.

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Low-profile flush mount with easy installation
  • Motion-activated advanced Intelligent HD Color Cameras
  • Smart LED for day/night operation
  • Inspect Commercial/Passenger Vehicles Up to 30 MPH
  • 40-ton axle capacity
  • Searchable database with 300,000+ images
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Automated Vehicle Comparison
  • Ruggedized Housing & Lenses
  • Remote Management Capabilities
  • Magnetic Field Detection
  • Debris Removal System
  • Heater and Thermostat
  • LPR Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
LPR-PK1-USA-S Automated License Plate Recognition Software for Under Vehicle Surveillance System (USA Plates)
LPR-PK1-INT-S Automated License Plate Recognition Software for Under Vehicle Surveillance System (International Plates)
SWR-FAC1-S Automated Face Recognition Software for Under Vehicle Surveillance System
CAM-UVIS-MGM Magnetometer for Under Vehicle Surveillance System
NVR-IVA1 1 Channel Video Analytics




Under Vehicle Scanner Unit
Type Permanent In-Ground
Environmental IP67 Sealed / Submersible
Load rating 40-ton per axle
Design Aluminum block drive-over surface mount cameras
Under Vehicle Imaging System
Cameras Intelligent Color Progressive Line Rapid-Scan CCD Imaging
Resolution High-Definition (5000 x 2048 pixels)
Environmental IP67
Coverage Full front-to-back (passenger or commercial)
Operating Temperature -30⁰F to 140⁰F
Power 500W, 90-240VAC
Dimensions 47.2”×13.8”×11.8”
Under Vehicle Illumination
Lighting Weatherproof Smart LED (5,000 lumens)
Environmental IP67
MTBE 100,000 hours
Control System
Input 2-Channel induction coil
Output 1 Channel switch type 12VDC
Communications RS485/Ethernet
Control Unit PC-based Rackmount (Ruggedized)
Storage 1TB Solid State
Storage Capacity 300,000+ records
CPU Intel i7 six-core processor
OS Windows 7, 8, 10
Monitor 21″ Touchscreen Sunlight Readable
Operating Temperature 14⁰ F to 122⁰ F
Power 110/220V
Ports (2) USB 2.0
Network Dual LAN, 1Gbps
Compliance USGCB/DISA/FIPS 140-2
Cable Management
Cable 15M integrated power/data
Cable type 22-awg UTP/shielded
Connectors 1-1/4″ mil spec (waterproof)
Monitor Single/multi configuration
Record Motion activated with pre/post
Record speed Real-time video
Display Real-time video
Layout Single/dual/quad view
Video Controls forward/ff/pause/playback/rewind/frame advance
Plate Recognition Front/rear ANPR with white/black list
Face Recognition Automated face recognition with white/black list
Database SQL query LPR/face/date/time/location
Detection Automated foreign object / Automated Comparison
Notification Audible/visible alarm
Features (2) Wheel Well Cameras, Automated Number Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, Intelligent Video Analytics, Magnetic Field Detection, Dust Removal Air System
Warranty 2-year all hardware/software
Part Number CAM-UVIS-01E