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  • Cross platform perimeter surveillance system
  • Optional Integration with Milestone VMS- allows recording of all video channels and screen for evidence and investigation
  • Unlimited number of sensors: radar, camera, indicative fence etc.
  • Automatic PTZ camera cuing
  • Web & IP based control interface
  • Fully unattended operation- automatic alerts, SMS, Mail
  • Integrated mapping engine
  • Analog and IP camera compatibility
  • Fast and easy topology configuration
  • Full database of detections for backup and event reconstruction
  • Inclusion and exclusion of areas of interest out of the radar’s active area in order to reduce false alarm rate.
  • Easily customized to suite your(customer’s) specific needs


Aventura’s Radar Area Surveillance System (RASS) is a fully automated system for handling, controlling monitoring and logging intrusion alerts based on inputs from a variety of sensors such as ground surveillance radars and PTZ cameras. Upon intrusion detection the MASS automatically directs a camera and displays real-time video for target verification. The RASS supports event logging for post-mortem interrogation of video and sensor inputs. Sensor and camera coverage is displayed on birds-eye view pictures generated by the integral mapping engine. This allows easy setup and control of the entire ground surveillance system. A user friendly interface enables easy and intuitive actions such as manual camera control, sensor positioning, event interrogation, etc